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Do I have allergies? If so, What can I do?

Ocular allergies are among the most common eye conditions to hit people of all ages.

Though typically worse in the seasons of Spring and Summer, some peeople suffer with allergies all year. This is                      especially true for people who havee allergies to pet dander, mold, dust mites. and other common allergens tht tend to linger throughout the year.

The halmark sign of ocular allergies is itching.

 While itching can be a sympton of other eye conditions, the likelihood that there is at least some allergy component to the condition is quite high. This seems to be particularly true when the itching occurs mainly in the inner corner of the eyes. This signals that the condition is allergy-related, whereas itching along the eyelid marginsuggests other conditions. 

 Allergy itching is usually accompanied by redness, tearing, and string-like mucus discharge from the eye. When                         accompanied by rhinitis, sinusitis,and sneezing, people can tryly suffer from their allergies - especially as it relates to the eye.     

The good news is, there are numerous avenues of relief from this annoying condition. There are many over the counter antihistamine drops. Talk to your eye doctor about which ones they recommend. In particulary sever cases, prescription antihistamine/  mast cell stabalizer combination drops, or even toptical steroids can be used. In addition, cold compressed can be a great therapy in combination with the drops. 

Article Contributed by Dr. Jonathan Gerard 

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